Asian Member Acquisition

With the largest number of Asians residing in New York combined with the ever-growing Asian community in New Jersey, we target over 2 million individuals to provide you with a one-stop Asian member acquisition solution. TPC curates all-encompassing campaigns to take care of your web, social media and database marketing needs and help you build your community of members while inspiring a trust-plus-care-filled relationship with them. Make your brand stronger and wide-reaching through our Asian Member Acquisition Solution!

TPC's Asian Member Acquisition Solution connects you to your target audience by informing them about the benefits of health insurance and generating prime leads, helping you acquire the maximum percentage of Asians qualified for purchasing subsidized health insurance through the Health Benefit Exchanges.

Generating Leads

We have over 20 years of experience handling the Asian market and first-hand insight into their healthcare needs which we can leverage to generate more leads for your business. Our unique culturally apt marketing campaigns and outreach programs, specifically targeted towards the Asian community make sure you attract a consistent stream of potential customers. Let us use our rich and extensive experience to help your business generate leads like never before!

Increasing Sales

TPC helps you increase not only your membership sales but also your conversion rates by making sure the maximum number of leads are willing and able to purchase a plan you offer. Our Multilingual Contact Center aspires to educate Asians about the Affordable Care Act and its finer nuances such as premium tax credits, cost-sharing subsidies, etc. TPC's Health Insurance Experts are well-versed in not only English but the native languages spoken in the Asian community and are easily accessible at all times via phone, email and our chat-now service to help current and prospective members with all their queries related to health insurance.

Our team makes consistent efforts to help you secure new memberships and increase your market share by enrolling members for you through a number of ways. We send eligible prospects directly to your website and telesales, transfer calls to a representative of your sales team and our qualified Asian insurance agents are more than willing to close a sale with a prospective member on your behalf.

Broker Services

According to our research, Asians are much more inclined to buy insurance from someone who speaks their language and understands their culture and needs. TPC offers a wide range of Asian insurance brokerage services. Besides providing you a network of multilingual phone-based and on-ground agents, we can also help you set up a retail center in areas densely populated with Asians to reach them better!


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