Group Health Insurance

Whether you have a large company or a smaller family business in your Asian community, we can help you get group health insurance for your employees. Healthy employees are an asset to any business. These employees will take fewer sick days, and they will be more likely to focus on their jobs, see the doctor for regular checkups, and be open and upfront with you about any health problems.

Offering important benefits and perks will likely help to form a better bond between employers and employees, and that bond is one of the ways everyone in a company manages to get more done and feel better about themselves and their working environment. Group insurance can play a significant role in all of that.

When a company has healthy employees, including the employer who can join the plan, too, there are even more advantages of group health insurance beside a great deal of cost savings. Group health members usually receive insurance at a reduced cost as compared to individual health plans because the insurer's risk is spread across a group of policyholders. As a business, you can also avail tax credit benefits if you get your employees insurance and pay part of their premiums. You may qualify to get a credit back on your taxes and can be compensated for the money you are paying out toward insurance premiums.

TPC understands the needs of your business and your employees. We can get your employees the best coverage even for pre-existing conditions at a much lower cost so both you and your employees are happy and healthy!


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