Healthcare Experts

  • Providing initial interactions with prospective and new members for purposes, including but not limited to, collecting basic member information, determining if members are subsidy eligible, assessing the individual's interest in purchasing a product.
  • Qualifying potential members from the Asian community.
  • Educating your new and current as well as prospective Asian members about the importance of health insurance, its benefits, Affordable Care Act/Obama Care, subsidy eligibility, etc.
  • E-mailing and sending out pre-enrollment kits from TPC's member management system, and triaging calls appropriately.
  • Enrolling sales qualified leads via a personalized warm transferring process to your health plan sales channels or closing them on your behalf.
  • Engaging your new Asian members by supporting them from the moment they enroll to ensure their complete satisfaction with their insurance policy.
  • Responding to calls from members to answer questions about insurance, healthcare, accessing doctors, and more.
  • Calling members to motivate them to complete their HRA and coaching them through its completion.

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