Member Retention Services

TPC not only helps you in acquiring new Asian members, we also support you in retaining them. Our qualified team of healthcare and marketing professionals are fully devoted to aid you in taking your engagement with your newly gained and long-time members to another level. Our holistic Member Retention Solution features a variety of services:

Member On-boarding

First impressions matter the most! Our Member On-boarding service will help your new and existing Asian members acquire the knowledge and skills that they need in order to make the most of your health plans. With our effective onboarding process, we ensure that members are guided through everything they need to know about your plans and stay with you for years to come!

Member Engagement

We believe that fresh and consistent member engagement is the key to retaining memberships! Our service not only helps you in building a trusting and caring relationship with your Asian members but also in adding meaningful value to their lives. Our team of Health Insurance and Marketing Experts have developed all the necessary tools to have at your disposal to ensure complete member loyalty and successful retention of members from the Asian community.

Multilingual Support

We have a certified team of multilingual Health Insurance Experts, completely trained in both in-bound and out-bound customer service techniques. Our team is fully-committed to raise awareness about health insurance and preventive care as well as promote your health plans in order to maximize your customer retention across the board. We make sure your customers are truly satisfied with every form of exchange, be it on the phone, email or our chat-now service.

Some of the ways we ensure top-notch member engagement for you is by doing the following:

  • Creating awareness about preventive care including counselling to help members stay healthy and minimize the healthcare costs.
  • Educating new and existing Asian members not only on the significance of Health Risk Assessment but also motivating and aiding them to complete it. We also provide our in-house culturally competent HRA for Asians, if required in addition to the HRA provided by their health plan.
  • Providing Health Risk Adjustment services through industry-leading technology designed to improve quality of care, increase revenue, and meet compliance guidelines.
  • Organizing health and wellness programs and events in line with the cultural specificities of diverse Asian cultures.
  • Creating informative and interactive digital content optimized for Asian members of each origin to engage with each group on a more personalized level.

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