Translation and Cultural Adaptation

Asian cultures are as diverse as they can be with colourful traditions and a multitude of different languages! Members of each country within the Asian diaspora have a unique cultural identity. In fact, every Asian country too is a melting pot of different ethnicities and sub-cultures. What you need is a team of professionals who deeply understand your current and potential members from each of these cultures. TPC is your one-stop shop for all your translation and cultural adaptation needs!

Cultural Competency

Our culturally competent team not only understands each of the distinct Asian cultures but also has the appropriate knowledge and skills to take care of your multicultural Asian members. Trust us when we say, we've got you covered!

Translation Services

TPC specializes in providing linguistically and culturally nuanced translation services for the needs of your diversified Asian members. We partner with the best translation companies to bring you exceptionally accurate translations with their thorough knowledge and understanding of each of the languages and cultures of the Asian community.

Content Curation

We also offer culturally sensitive content curation services for all your marketing and promotional needs. Our professional content curators are members of the Asian community with experience and understanding of their individual cultures allows us to deliver mindfully curated and culturally conscious content that also strikes a chord with the many ethnic groups within Asian cultures. Be it the Punjabis, Bengalis, Tamils or any other sub-group within the Indian diaspora, TPC understands them and knows how to manage their healthcare needs. We also have an in-depth knowledge of the Chinese and Korean members of the community that allows you to reach all your Asian members simply through us. Being your one-stop solution is what sets us apart from everyone else!

Our translation and cultural adaptation team specializes in bringing you:

  • Every possible communication with your current and potentials members of the Asian community. You name it, we'll provide it! This includes but is not limited to compliance documents, Explanation of Benefits, health and wellness promotional materials, etc.
  • Content on healthcare in all the major languages spoken by the different members of the Asian community. This includes but is not limited to digital health encyclopedias, daily newsletters, video content in Asian languages, culturally adapted health and wellness programs, and specialties such as diabetes and cancer.
  • Online and offline marketing campaigns designed keeping in mind your multicultural Asian members. Collaborations with brand and direct marketing agencies from project planning to execution.
  • Website Content Curation and Maintenance - including translation and cultural adaptation of your websites for your Asian audience, regular updating of your website content and ensuring its accuracy and cultural relevancy.

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